Healthcare and Lifesciences
How Digital Health and AI are Driving Intelligent Healthcare
29 Jun 2021

In today’s rapidly changing healthcare landscape, the need for fast, digital transformation is crucial in driving operational efficiencies, clinical care delivery and enhancing patient care while keeping costs at an optimal level . The current pandemic has pushed the Digital transformation as a top priority for healthcare establishments to the next level, to have executed a full digital strategy to enable safety , next generation care and outcomes
In the current era Digital Health transformation has been seen across the healthcare ecosystem and fostering innovations across the healthcare value-chain be it patients inside and outside of the hospital or at the clinician office. The HealthTech ecosystem that drives the care delivery are HIS, EMR, LIS , RIS more recently e-pharmacy, e-diagnostics, teleconsultation, B2B HealthTech, B2B medical supplies, and other healthcare solutions like personal health management and online home healthcare.

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