Private Capital
Investment syndicate seeders to back 24 early stage startups by FY22
06 Nov 2021
In the past year, micro VC firms have become a suitable form of funding for small businesses and startups. Seeking initial capital investment in their early stages of growth, in 2020, early-stage startups raised $403 Mn at the seed stage — nearly double the $255 Mn in 2019. In 2021, the Indian startup ecosystem recorded about 532 deals ($808 Mn) in the seed stage.
While on one hand, early stage-focussed micro VC funds are becoming more and more popular in the Indian startup ecosystem, syndicates are becoming increasingly common, too. One such platform, Seeders marks a journey of its founders from being angel investors in individual capacities to launching the investment syndicate.
Other prominent early-stage funds include Sequoia India’s Surge with a $100 Mn corpus, ISB alumni’s Atrium Angels with flexible cheques of INR 25 L and INR 2 Cr per investment, Gemba Capital with $10 Mn fund size, among others.

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