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Four charts on India's thriving startup landscape
14 Oct 2020

Between 2016-2020 (up to May), over $63 billion of venture capital (seed stage through to late stage) has been invested in Indian technology startups. 2019 saw over $34 billion injected into innovative digital firms, and while Covid-19 has impacted investment appetite of venture capitalists, 2020’s outlook remains relatively bright.

Around 65% of investments in the analysed period have flown to growing startups – promising firms that raised Seed, and Series A through to Series D funding rounds. Around half of the largest ticket sizes were investment of $100 million or more.

Not surprisingly, tech-enabled startups have dominated the funding landscape in India, which according to Praxis Global Alliance – an Indian-origin management consulting firm – has turned India into the third largest technology startup hub in the world. In the country’s early-stage segment ($2.5 billion), the largest chuck of funds went to startups specialised in SaaS and AI technologies, followed by online businesses and platforms. 

India’s startup ecosystem is concentrated in three major cities: Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai – all three metropoles rank among the 10 largest startup cities in Asia Pacific. 

According to the market analysis, India is now home to over 50,000+ startups. They are funded privately, and through a network of more than 1,000 active institutional investors, and supported in their growth through a network of more than 330 accelerators and incubators. 

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