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What Does COVID-19 Mean For Education And EdTech Startups?
29 Dec 2020

Lockdowns to contain the spread of the pandemic gave rise to a new wave of innovations and experiments in education. Teachers have moved online, and schools, colleges, universities, and other learning centers have transitioned to e-learning. Children and students had to rely on their own resources to continue learning. This sudden transition has brought several challenges and inconveniences to educational community globally. However, while lamentable, the disruption to education systems has also offered valuable lessons and provided a unique opportunity for the stakeholders to reimagine education. The disruption has opened up numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators in the education technology space. It gave rise to many new business models, and many existing EdTech startups have seen an exponential growth both in terms of number of users and revenues over the past few months.

The full article was originally published on EdTech Review

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