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This Startup Is Offering Personalized Learning
01 Jul 2021
The Indian education system has been relying on a century-old system. If you ask your parents or even grandparents, chances are high that they have gone through the same rigorous school life where they took 8 classes a day, failed to interact directly with the teachers, memorized the answers just to pass the exam. It was still ongoing in the major part of the country until the pandemic shook the world.
Indian education was one space that was hesitant and rather skeptical about adapting technology. However, we all are aware of how technology became the pallbearer of the entire education system not only in India but across the world. While ed-tech platforms are at present hogging the spotlight, few of them have predicted edtech to be the future. Toppr, a 2014 founded Mumbai-based startup was one among them.

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