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D2C Start-ups Across Varied Categories to Secure Funding in 2021
26 Jun 2021
In a country with over 650 million internet users, it is a no-brainer that innovative start-ups have seen a rapid surge in terms of their growth and other prospects. The Indian start-up ecosystem accommodates around 40,000 active start-ups operational in different fields. And in that, the direct-to-consumer model is seeing a surge in popularity as small brands use it to survive and thrive in a market dominated by giants. Consumers today are choosing to shop from D2C brands due to the better engagement they offer to their consumer base and this has widened the growing opportunity for D2C brands.
Also, with such a large system, investors as well do not fall behind as India is home to around 6,000 active investors who are keen to put their bucks in promising ideas and innovative entrepreneurs.
A report by PGA Labs and Knowledge Capital suggested that investors had put in US$ 1.4 billion into D2C companies between 2014 and 2020. The sector saw an investment of close to US$ 417 million in 2020.

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