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Is green hydrogen the future of sustainable mobility in India?
23 Aug 2023
Green hydrogen has caught attention across the globe in recent times with its potential to help the world move towards a greener tomorrow. Currently, pure hydrogen is produced through three key processes, grey, blue and green. Green is a recent development which emits 0% CO2 in its production process. While grey and blue are cheaper to produce at present, cost of producing green hydrogen is expected to drop significantly in the coming few years.

Pure hydrogen has many applications across domains with a steadily increasing demand over the last decade. At the same time, many large players like Reliance, Adani, and ReNew Power have entered the manufacturing space for green hydrogen. Reducing costs of energy is a key driver of adoption but limited availability of fresh water would inhibit the growth of this industry.
While electric vehicles (EVs) have gained substantial traction in India, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are poised to make headway due to abundant hydrogen availability and the advantages of rapid refuelling and recharging. This shift reflects a global trend as major automotive manufacturers develop their own HFC products.

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