Education Employability and Entrepreneurship
Market research on online EdTech player
08 Apr 2020


  • Company Description: A global PE firm 
  • Opportunity: The client was interested in investing in an online EdTech platform. CDD project to estimate market size, map student’s behavior towards online education (including usage, frequency, etc), understand platform and brand perception, assess competitive advantages and ability to onboard and retain teachers

Our Approach

  • Estimate the market size for overall coaching for competitive exams in India and online coaching to understand market attractiveness
  • Conducted customer survey of N = ~3,000 to understand customer behaviour (propensity to take coaching, propensity to take online coaching, usage frequency, platform preferences, teacher preferences, propensity to pay for online education)
  • Conducted more than 40 interviews with teachers (warm) to understand engagement with the target, reasons to onboard and propensity to continue with target

Key Insights / Outcomes

Provided deep insights to the client on key competitive advantages of target and points of differentiation vs other offline and online test preparation players

Client received clarity on the brand perception among students and quality of instructors on the platform for different exams

Praxis Value Delivered

    • Successfully provided client with deep, comprehensive understanding of customer behaviour, platform differentiation, brand differentiation and scope for Target and in-house brand to become to one-stop platform for cosmetics
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