Customer Loyalty and Experience
Customer delight and NPS improvement for a leading eyewear retailer
22 May 2020
  • Client description: A leading Indian eyewear retailer brand 
  • Opportunity: The client wanted to improve their NPS which was gradually declining month- on- month for almost a year. Even though the NPS data was already being collected, there was no clear process and structure for analyzing the data and a lack of understanding of key strengths and weaknesses.

Further, the client also wanted to: 
  • Understand the key drivers for NPS and how they were faring on these. 
  • Benchmark its performance against competitors and other industry players
Our Approach
  • In-depth interviews (N = 60+) with eyewear customers across product categories of eyeglass, sunglass and contact lens
  • Market visits and mystery shopping across 6 metros and Tier 1 cities 
  • Analysis of existing client NPS data and studying variations across purchase channel, category, city, loyalty program membership and brands sold by the client
  • Benchmarking of best practices with global players who have high NPS 

Key Insights / Outcomes

Client was successfully able to understand different customer personas and their buying behavior, purchase preferences, and their brand perception.

Driver trees were built for all product categories (eyeglass, sunglass and contact lens) for analysis of NPS data

Client was able to benchmark their strengths and weakness relative to other organized and unorganized retailers in the markets

Praxis Value Delivered
  • Successfully identified ~45 action items across 8 key themes to drive higher NPS
  • Built a revamped dashboard for the process of capturing NPS which was efficient, sustainable, and effective
  • ~25 actionable recommendations to enhance the online shopping experience, a critical focus area with sub-par NPS for the client
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