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Inducting fresh graduates in Praxis is a significant source of energy, innovation and fresh thinking for us and our clients. We are always on the lookout for passionate individuals with a flair for client service. Praxis has been a playground of opportunities and a tremendous skill builder for any undergraduate or graduate from campus.

With each client engagement, you get an opportunity to develop your professional skills and personal confidence. Expect to deal with varied challenges while pursuing client work alongside very capable, brightest, and most supportive colleagues. Our clients often refer to our services as 'consulting on steroids'.

We run two programs across each of our offices:

Future Achievers Program (FAP) for Undergraduate schools:

We generally approach undergraduate schools for analyst, business analyst, and associate consultant roles. Every year, outstanding candidates who have show deep analytical ability, strong problem solving approaches, practical orientation to client service, and a strong culture fit join our FAP program that typically starts between June to September each year.

Our program is flexible and provides a seamless path to the FLP program and the Leadership roles at Praxis. We value individuals for their expertise and experience they develop and do obsess over accumulating degrees and diplomas. We believe in 'Practice'!

Future Leaders Program (FLP) for Graduate and Post-graduate schools:

Graduates and Post-graduates from all disciplines including Management, Medicine, Science, Liberal Arts, Law and Commerce join our FLP. These are individuals with versatile experience but deep problem-solving orientation. FLP participants almost always carry a deep desire to produce superior client outcomes and have a flair for thought leadership. Not only do they operate in advisory settings, but sometimes, also pick up operating roles at client organizations which makes their experience well-rounded.

Typically, the FAP and FLP programs are desired across best schools globally due to five key reasons:

  1. Intense and turbocharged learning agenda: Every FAP/FLP goes through an intense 140 hours program even before they get their first assignment. This continues in a very frequent Continuous Learning Program (CLP) that happens all round the year.
  2. Best-in-industry client exposure: Even our FAPs get significant client exposure across a wide variety of industries, size of clients, nature of problem statements and depth of topics. Better opportunities and our ability to take risks with high potential individuals creates a win-win for FAP participants and us, as it allows Praxians to grow in their roles faster. Colleagues who choose to explore careers beyond Praxis find the foundations they built to be a continued accelerator to their careers.
  3. Meritocratic culture that fosters creativity and enthusiasm: We abhor politics and embrace meritocracy. We shun bell curves. Our transparency in providing feedback, 'meet the absolute quality bar' approach and 360 degree performance assessments are truly best-in-class and ahead of the curve versus our competitors. We reward performance differentially and provide direct feedback that accelerates your growth trajectory.
  4. Open working environment that allows you to shine: Our team members and alumni rave about the open environment that is maniacally focused on productivity and outcomes. The organization is flat and is grounded in the principles of trust and forthrightness.
  5. Supportive colleagues and invested mentors: Our strong system of engagement reviewers and professional success managers ensures that we don't take our eyes off your career growth. Despite the busy schedules and continued client work, investing time in the growth of your peers, supervisors and team members is a core requirement for one's own career growth.

If this excites you, join us!

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