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New education policy to promote ‘holistic, multidisciplinary & technology-led education
07 Oct 2020

This year the Central Government came out with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, a comprehensive framework for holistic learning and development to ensure systematic changes in the education system of the country. This is the third time that the Government has changed the NEP and the first time since 1986. This new framework is divided into 4 stages:

  • Foundational stage (5 years),
  • Preparatory stage (3 years),
  • Middle stage (3 years), and
  • Secondary Stage (4 years) 

In this blog, we have covered various aspects of NEP such as:

  • Evolving the education landscape in India
  • Facilitating the growth of the technological ecosystem in India

The new education policy is an all-encompassing model to cater to the all-round development and cognitive learning of a child. It is a means to update the age-old educational model to leverage the latest technology, processes, and information in helping children to increase learning and productivity and to keep up with the latest trends from around the globe. As compared to the traditional rote learning techniques, the new policy emphasizes quality, understanding of concepts, and on-ground experiences.
The NEP 2020 has an underlying emphasis on the use of technology in daily affairs. It will be interesting to see how the government leverages developments in EdTech for the implementation of NEP 2020 in the coming years.

Authored by
Lokesh Bohra, Practice Leader, Sustainability and Impact Advisory
Sushman Das, Practice Member, Sustainability and Impact Advisory

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