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Data analytics to improve all-around business for a healthcare and nutritional advisory firm
14 Apr 2020
  • Client Description: Client is an innovation-focused CSR Foundation of a leading FMCG company
  • Opportunity: Client wanted to increase revenue per expert advisor & determine further business opportunities through data analytics of customer transactions across centers and product types

Our Approach
  • Conducted a deep dive of the entire client interaction and sale database, across client segments, geographies, pricing structures, employee demographics, etc 
  • Evaluated client churn behavior based on in-depth interviews and discussions with advisors as well as clients 
  • Assessed the impact of pricing, offers, and discounts on customers’ buying behavior 
  • Simulated the upside of effective cross-sell and up-sell on client revenues and profitability

Key Insights / Outcomes

Identified the key drivers of customer revenue and profitability in terms of specific actionables for the client, e.g. sub-optimal resource allocation was a key determinant of underperformance

Drilled down the reasons for client attrition across geographies

Mapped specific cross-sell and up-sell opportunities at relevant points in the customer journey

Praxis Value Delivered 
  • Designed a roadmap for optimizing resource allocation/ staffing, improving cross-sell and up-sell and reducing client churn
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