As the world becomes increasingly volatile and the pace of change grows exponentially, businesses are under unprecedented pressure to not just succeed but sustain their success going forward.

Companies need to look beyond their narrow and short-term financial goals and build institutions that weave economic, environmental, and social sustainability into their thinking. In our Sustainability and Impact practice,

we work with clients straddle this dual challenge by leveraging our thought leadership and distinctive approach to build future-proof, innovative, actionable, and easy-to-implement solutions.

What We Do

Landscape assessment

Analyzing & mapping opportunities and challenges across sectors to assess the impact potential 

‘On-the-ground’ insights

Combining design thinking with a hands-on research toolkit - qualitative and quantitative - to provide an assessment of 'Ground zero' 

Impact assessment

Evaluate social, economic and environmental impact of investments and grants to assess performance and inform future strategies

Driving operational efficiency

Reducing the cost of intervention by leveraging analytics, digitizing & automating processes and defining scorecards for sustained efficiency improvement

Fund-raising strategy

Developing a sustainable fundraising strategy based on rigorous assessment of donor preferences and available funding pools

Maximizing reach

Enhancing field force effectiveness using a 'micro-markets' approach to identify high impact opportunities and building enabling processes & tools to make lasting impact

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